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Welcoming Jessie Wyllie, CAT(c)

We are pleased to welcome Jessie Wyllie, CAT(C) to the team at Kootenay Athletic Therapy! Jessie is a certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association as well as a Sports First Responder.

Since graduating from the Bachelor or Athletic and Exercise Therapy program at Camosun, Jessie has been busy keeping athletes and active folks like you, injury free. Working predominantly with competitive adolescent athletes, Jessie can often be found on the bench at a hockey arena, in a lacrosse box or on the sideline of a soccer field. She also has extensive experience working in the field of wheelchair sports and has been involved with both the Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby team and Canadian National Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team. Being involved with many high-contact sports, Jessie has developed an interest and specialized knowledge in concussions and the management process for these injuries.

In keeping with our philosophy at Kootenay Athletic Therapy, Jessie uses a global treatment approach in the clinic combining the specific knowledge of muscle testing and exercise prescription tailored specifically for You! She believes strongly in patient education and injury prevention and giving you the tools that you need to actively rehabilitate and holistically re-condition your body. You can expect a friendly, caring and focused goal oriented approach that will get you back to the sports and activities that you love.

She understands the emotional and psychological outcomes of dealing with injuries and believes that successful rehabilitation addresses not just the injury but the complete health and well-being of the individual.