Don't miss out on wellness.

Don't miss out on wellness.

How many wellness moments do you miss in a day trying to make it fancier than it needs to be? 

The other day, I almost missed out on 3, all before 9:00 in the morning. My body was telling me that it needed more high output cardio, but my schedule was not agreeing. I don't have any more time this week, I thought as I was walking my dog...up hill.

The light bulb went off. More Cardio...up hill. Who said I can't run up the hill? And so I did, for as long as I could, and then I stopped and walked. And since I live in Nelson, there was another hill after the first one...and so I ran, for as long as I could and then I walked. And so it went for the duration of our walk. I returned home satisfied, more energized and able to cross more cardio off my mental list.

Returning home, I was feeling a bit pressed for time on this particular morning. My body was saying smoothie, my mind was saying no way. Smoothie equals time, dishes and prep.
I keep a jar of Spirulina (greens) in the fridge and there was some unsweetened juice on the top shelf. I combined a spoonful of Spirulina greens with juice and gave it a quick stir. 10 seconds, from idea conception to swallowing. Wellness moment restored. Nothing fancy, but it did the trick. Mental distress averted.

Enter wellness moment number 3. With just a few minutes to go before starting my work day. I pressed the pause button and consciously took 3 deep grounding and centering breaths, setting the intention to focus on releasing the hurried pace of the morning and settling into a focused calm and productive day. Nothing fancy but hugely powerful. Small steps can add up to huge results!

How many wellness moments do you miss out on each day/week/month in an effort to make it too fancy?

Some days, keeping it simple is the best and only way! 

Until Next time, I hope you'll try the mini wellness-challenge below.