No, you’re not just getting old…

No, you’re not just getting old…

But Yes, you do need to do your little exercises! Your Body doesn’t have to deteriorate with age, in fact a Harvard research Study demonstrated that we can build muscle well into our 90’s. Unfortunately just doing aerobic exercise is not adequate, and that includes hiking, biking and cross country skiing.

Use it or loose it! Use it well…even better!

How you move and how you strengthen matters and a little bit of wisdom goes a long way.  Although you may need to adjust, adapt or re-program your movements, you don’t need to suffer on the sidelines. It’s a slippery slope when you believe that that pain in your hips is just because you’re getting old.

Pain is just a message…it’s not a sentence, and just like your vehicle, a little bit of time, attention and maintenance goes a long way!
Secondly, the environment matters, and that includes the thoughts you think and the foods you eat!

Do you believe that it’s just because you’re getting old that things are falling apart? You may want to change your thoughts, because you’re cells are listening and they’re more than happy and programmed to do exactly what your thoughts tell them to do.  

There’s no rule that says you have to go downhill at a certain age, but you do need to set an intention to be happy and healthy, full of health and energy and then follow through with inspired actions (hint, hint…do your exercises!) 
The good news is, our cells are constantly regenerating, some in a matter of days. So focus your thoughts on feeling good, nourish yourself with healthy vibrant food and yes, do your exercises!

You can come back from injury and be better than before…you’re not just getting old!