Go from 0 to 5km Pain Free...Run/Walk

Go from 0 to 5Km Pain Free! Run or Walk..

It feels as though Spring has finally Sprung...Yay!

The sun is shining and we get're anxious to dust off the winter, get out there and go for a walk, a run or a hike!

Check out our tips below to keep you on track for a successful season...

1. Oh blessed sun. A blessing and a curse. Did I say that out loud? Yes! That sweet sunshine might just be the number one cause of injury. All that vitamin D coursing through you...inspiring you to run 10 km your first time out...even though you haven't run 1 km since last year! You can do it...activate some self control and keep things short and sweet to get started.

2. The 3% rule. Did you know that the leading experts in running injury prevention advocate that you only increase the volume (distance) or intensity of your running by 3% per week. That's probably less than you think, so do the math and plan ahead

3. Cross Train, Cross Train, Cross Train. We can't say enough about focusing on your alignment, strength and flexibility through cross training. When your joints are stacked properly, your muscles work with efficiency and power that can lead to a much more enjoyable running or walking experience. CLICK on the video below to help you get off to a fabulous start!!!