5 Simple Exercises for Fabulous Feet (so that you have a stable foundation to stand on)

Fall footwear is just around the corner. Eek! Which means, feet are about to go back inside of shoes, boots, skates and more!

Your feet are pivotal to your function and just like a foundation of a house, if your feet are unstable, eventually there's going to be trouble. Did you know that the pinky toe side of your foot is designed for balance and stability? While the Big Toe is designed for propulsion?

Look down at your feet🦶

Which way is your big toe pointing? Which direction are you being propelled in? How about your baby toe. Can it make solid contact with the ground to help you balance?

As we get ready to transition our feet into shoes, skates and ski boots, take some time to focus on your feet. Spread your toes, activate the strength in your feet and release any stuck or stored tension.

To help you build a solid foundation to stand on, CHECK OUT our 5 Simple Exercises for Fabulous Feet!


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