With a host of custom services and treatments we help you map the the road to freedom of movement.



Active Rehabilitation, Holistic Reconditioning

Our Athletic Therapy sessions are geared towards helping you overcome acute or chronic injuries so that you may perform better than ever! Benefit from the combination of manual therapy (soft tissue release), targeted exercise prescription and mind-set coaching in our one on one Athletic Therapy sessions. Our goal is to give you the tools to rehabilitate your current injury and help you progress quickly and effectively towards your optimal physical function.


Improve function, Maximize Comfort

More than just an orthotic, our assessments look at the body from head to toe to create an orthotic that is part of an overall plan to correct imbalances, retrain gait and return you to optimal function. Our rehab orthotics are created from dual density foam to provide a functional and flexible orthotic that provides comfort and feels fantastic on your feet! We specialize in customizing our orthotics to fit your athletic footwear including ski boots, skates and more!



Prevent injuries before they start

We are passionate about preventing injuries before they start! Our youth athlete injury prevention assessments allow us to quickly and effectively highlight and provide targeted individualized programs to correct imbalances and prevent unnecessary injuries. We offer a variety of services to meet your teams needs including,

  • Functional Movement Scans for team members
  • Corrective Exercise Prevention Programs
  • Warm-up and Dry-land training recommendations
  • Coaches training and workshops

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Keeping you safe on the field

Our athlete care doesn't just stop in the clinic. We also offer team/event coverage and emergency care. Not only do athletic therapists specialize in injury prevention and rehab, we also deal with immediate, on-field care and are Certified First Responders. 

Event & On-Field coverage include the following,

  • Pre-game taping & treatments
  • Therapist lead dynamic warm-ups
  • Emergency care and first-aid
  • Concussion assessment and management
  • Post-game/event Follow-up & treatments

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Classes and Workshops

We are excited to offer ongoing classes and workshops to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Please check back regularly for our current offerings.

Current offerings...

Ski-hab | Athletic Conditioning

A class designed to prepare those ol’ knees for ski season. Join us for a class geared specifically to strengthen the knee joint and all the supportive muscle groups. This class will incorporate elements of core strengthening and rehabilitation exercise to prepare you for your winter sports.

Next Session:  T 6:15 - 7:15, starting Apr 2017

I have postural problems, Christy was able to help correct it by using orthotics and state of the art equipment to determine exactly how the orthotics should be shaped. The results are and incredibly comfortable insole, and a huge reduction in muscle and joint pain.
— Wesley Shippey, Nelson, BC