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I have one more great reason to come back to Nelson again next winter!
— JP Toivonen, Ski Journalist - Finland
Thanks to our work together I was able to re-connect to my inner athlete and regain confidence in being active between surgeries. I can’t believe I’m back to hiking and playing ultimate!
— Shannon Carter - Nelson, BC
Just want to send you a note to let you know how well my orthotics are working, all the pain from the pressure points is gone and for the first time in many years I am walking with no pain. I walked all over New York City for 5 days and never once had sore feet, I am still amazed. Thank You so much for what you did for me.
— Lonnie Snyder - Nelson BC

I have now resumed yoga, swimming, bicycling, and cross-country skiing, and can even wash windows again. I highly recommend Christy Nichol!
Christy worked with me by gradually targeting the old and new injuries with various approaches in ways that clicked for me. She included referrals to other health professionals to assist with much needed support. Christy’s patient, knowledgeable, holistic and personalized treatment plan of both shoulders resulted in a full resumption activities that I had been missing for so long.
— Britt Wood - Nelson BC
I have been suffering from some long term injuries that I thought would not let me run again. Visits to many health care professionals left me with temporary relief, but no solution. Christy was was able to break down my movements and assign exercises and stretching that let me become active again. She explained the issues in terms that made sense to me, so that I could fully understand what I needed to do. She empowered me to make the changes that I needed to make in order to be able to enjoy an active lifestyle without worrying that I was going to break down every time.
— Mark Dennis - Nelson, BC
I came to Christy with every part of my body hurting, I have a twist in my spine which created patterns that caused many challenges my whole life and now I am unwinding, strengthening and learning to move with out pain. The process is slow and steady and I seem to be cruising in a pain free zone more often.
My knee is the best it has been in a long time!! Please keep doing your thing. I feel very lucky to have received your help.
— Andrew Colgan - BC
About 2 years ago you helped with ACL rehab on my right knee that got me back on track. You did such an awesome job I recommend anyone who has similar problems to give you a call. Even after our first session I was feeling so much better!
— Tom Weager - Nelson, BC
You’ve given me my happy back.
— Kimberley Hyatt - Nelson, BC
There is an old saying: The most important ability for an athlete is availability.

If you are injured then you can’t train or compete. Christy came to the Whitewater Ski Team when we were plagued by a series of injuries and through her expertise and personal commitment to our team has made our local athletes not only available, but performing better than ever before!
— Dylan Henderson, Director Whitewater Ski Team
I feel I can overcome any challenge without medical intervention!! I feel more even emotionally and joy when I discover how to use a muscle correctly or I can shift into a new stance that feels right. I can feel the willingness of the brain to create a new pathway that is healthy, it’s exciting. I feel empowered and more confident in sitting down, standing straight going up and down stairs, and doing workouts. I am now working on getting in and out of a kayak with out pain. I feel expertly held in my healing and strengthening. I feel encouraged every step of the way. The whole process is a wonderful learning experience.
— Marsha Donner - Nelson, BC
Because you work from the perspective of mind, body, and soul, you were able to empower me to unimagined heights of capacity after I had my total knee replacement. The healing was a VERY slow process but with your steady encouragement and interventions, I developed a great deal of patience and body strength. The end result being that I now have a knee that functions well beyond my hoped for expectations.
— Liz Amaral - Nelson, BC
As a professional coach I look at the world from a performance perspective and I feel that whether you are an athlete or not, your body has to perform at its best in order for you to live life to its full potential. Through my sessions with Christy I have improved my own body awareness and alignment which will get me to my goal of great skiing in my eighties. See you on the slopes!
— Dylan Henderson, Head Coach Whitewater Ski team