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Christy Nichol is passionate about helping people achieve excellent health and well-being through her training as a Certified Athletic Therapist.

Bringing over 15 years of experience to her practice, Christy has developed her own personal style of working with clients which empowers each individual to live a full active life by experiencing optimum physical confidence and comfort. Through her own experience of being a competitive gymnast, to coaching gymnastics, and now leading an active mountain lifestyle, Christy deeply understands the importance of excellent mobility and proper use of ones own physical body to experience overall well-being.

Christy has accumulated extensive experience in this dynamic profession working with top-end athletes, sports teams in the field, and everyday people who enjoy a range of fitness levels and activity. She believes that almost all injury can be overcome by educating the body to move well.

Christy works with a variety of techniques and tools best suited to each client and focuses on identifying the root causes of injury and discomfort. By applying neuro re-patterning, and encouraging clients to apply a strong positive mind set, Christy works to develop sustainable bodies with strong foundations for active lifestyles.

Christy is certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA). She holds a degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Therapy from Concordia University with Great Distinction and holds advanced certifications in manual therapy, concussion rehab and functional movement analysis. Additionally, Christy holds a degree in Chemistry with Honours from Carleton University, and is certified through the National Coaching Certification Program as a NCCP Level 2 coach.



Jessie is a certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association as well as a Certified Sports First Responder.

Since arriving in the Kootenays, Jessie has been busy keeping athletes and active individuals, pain and injury free. Working with local athletes including the Kootenay Ice minor midget Hockey, Whitewater Ski Team, Rhythm Ropers, Glacier Gymnasts, Nelson Youth Soccer and active folks like you, Jessie is dedicated to helping her clients and athletes thrive in their active lifestyle.

Jessie focuses on finding the root cause of an injury to create a rehab plan uniquely tailored just for you. Her goal is to give you the tools that you need to actively rehabilitate and holistically re-condition your body. 

Having been involved with many high-contact sports, Jessie has developed a specialized knowledge in concussions and the management process for these injuries and holds advanced certification in concussion rehab.

Additionally, Jessie has extensive experience working in the field of wheelchair sports and has been involved with both the Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby team and Canadian National Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team.

She understands the emotional and psychological outcomes of dealing with injuries and believes that successful rehabilitation addresses not just the injury but the complete health and well-being of the individual.

The pain in my knee was enough to keep me from participating in sports and exercise. I thought I needed surgery. After my assessment session and a corrective exercise program the pain was gone. My knee joint is stronger and I’m even roller skating again! Thanks for the attentive supervision.
— Colina Phillips - Musician/Performer - Toronto, ON